Thursday, November 3, 2016

That embroidered dress

Embroidered satin shirt dress from Primark
And a very faint completely washed off fake tan. That’s how I roll these days. When I first saw this gorgeous embroidered satin shirt dress on Primark’s Insta stories (you don’t follow Primark on Insta stories?? WHAT?!) I knew I had to launch a quest for it. I’ve tasked everyone I know (read: about 3 people with particularly weak will power) to alert me immediately when availability of this dress comes to their attention. Well, as the luck would have it I spotted it behind some less exciting shirt dresses in the Birmingham Primark. There was less than a handful of pieces left. Phew! That was close. 

It cost me an outrageous £13. The best £13 ever spent or what! Don’t get me wrong - I do question whether it is an actual dress or whether I should throw it on just before snuggling up after 3 layers of duvets, but hell it’s pretty! I think it makes for the perfect effortless romantic dinner outfit. If you’ve got the balls. Chuck it on with a pair of strappy heels, some red lipstick and a little black bag and BOOM! 

✖️Primark embroidered satin shirt dress (click here)
✖️H&M strappy heels (sold out)
✖️Aliexpress bag (buy here)
✖️Bering men’s watch (via WatchShop - buy here)
✖️Silver vintage pendant of St Bernadette
✖️Silver vintage rings  

Embroidered satin shirt dress from Primark

from Cityscape Bliss

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